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As Water Turns To Gold double album by Beat of Wings

Elektro Pop- Rock im Doppelpack mit akkustischen sanften Elektro- Songs: jetzt erhältlich auf 2 CDs in der Special- Edition Metalbox plus aufwendig gestaltetem Booklet um



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This special edition is delivered in a silver metal case, with a 24 pages DVD sized booklet and 2 CDs, bed in a velvet inlay.

The first CD "As Water Turns To Gold" stays in Beat of Wings established Rock/Pop genre. 10 brand new songs transform the electro pop from their debut album to a rougher energetic rock sound.

The second album "Words & Wishes" exposes a new side of the collective, 8 quiet, atmospheric songs. The albums compliment each other as day and night. A wonderful experience to hear the artists in such different settings.


The artwork, by Lili Schagerl, enchants with hand drawn illustrations combined with photographs by Karl Michael Mayr. Released July 2013 (c) 2013 Beatofwings


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