Interferencias 2012

Portugal Austria Mexico

INTERFERENCIAS is an encounter/research collective of 26 international artists in the field of choreography, dance and performance.

INTERFERENCIAS provides a frame for an „artistic research happening“ in form of gatherings in several countries by creating temporary communities. The first edition took place 2010 in Mexico and lasted 3 weeks, combining the aspects of education, research and performance. During this period the participants developed a collective research frame, focusing on contemporary working conditions (means of creation, politics of performance, locality of actions and collective self-organization), which offered the space to follow your individual interest within the topic as well. In 2012 the 26 artist form a nomadic collective traveling trough Portugal, Austria, Mexico.


PORTUGAL 10th to 27th July
AUSTRIA 1st to 12th August
MEXICO 15th to 26th August


Aline is suported from the Foro Cultural de Austria Mexico to travel to Mexico this year! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!