Aline And Art goes to Mexico

supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum Mexico

More than 26 emergent artists, from Mexico and abroad, will have a meeting during three weeks, two in San Luis Potosi and the last one in Mexico city, to research and discuss about scenic art, to question choreography practice and to propose other ways of creation.


This meeting rises up with the interest of suggesting a wide lanscape about motivations and forms that nowaday are getting away from conventionalisms or techniques, even though they come from choreography or dance environments, trying to connect with the body, time, space, spectator and all the scenic elements in a way that the border between dance and performance are becoming blurry or even disappearing.


During the 2 weeks in San Luis Potosi, they propose several workshops including different aspects of art performing like: movement techniques, improvisation, composition, theoretical and practice reflection, experimentation with other disciplines, voice use, etc.


This meeting has the curatorial denomination of non curatorship or random curatorship, just gathering young artists from different countries, creating an ephemeral community that can think, explore and have an overview of the performing work and practice nowadays from different contexts, perspectives and histories. We want to generate a reflection not only based on centralized theoretical postures but also from some interferences created between practices, answering particular creative needs.


The pieces (long and short format) that all the artists will present respond to specific concerns and esthetic paradigms and are a great example of multiple trends happening in the contemporary scene in general and particularly in dance field.

INTERFERENCIAS is a meeting, an ephemeral life together, able to offer several reflections from practice and new practices from dialogue and collaboration


workshops, collaboration research,

performances, debates, experimental remarks




1.    To generate a platform for intercultural dynamics.

2.    Research and discuss about performance practices.

3.    Involve both international and mexican choreographers/dancers in order to engage a dialogue on their respective artistic practices.

4.    Create reflection and experimentation through different approaches and methodologies of creation.

5.     Invest on collaborative processes that can become the base for future international projects.

6.    Share and generate knowledge that will be registered as a second phase of the encounter.

7.    Create a collective score / catalog