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 - Cinello (AT, LUX)

 - Hullaza REAL (AT, BR, GR)

 - Nachspiel (AT)

 - Interferencias 2012 (MEX, AT, PT)

 - Interferencias AUSTRIA (AT)

 - V528 SOL (AT)

 - live in concert


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Beat of Wings


Beat of Wings is an international art collective founded by Jelle Warendorff and Aline Kristin Mohl, currently residing in Austria, Holland and Belgium.

The collective aims for a seamless integration of different art forms such as music, contemporary dance, animation, film and performance.

BoW’s debut album ‘To Whom it may Concern’, surprises with electrifying beatz combined with intense melodies. It was released in March 2010, building a creative base, for more to grow. In 2013 the dubble album "As Water Turns To Gold" was released with 18 new tracks on 2 CDs.


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...greif nach den Sternen

Étoile   ...greif nach den Sternen


I am as well working with people from every age in reference to dance, voice and body-awareness. All projects in this field are labelled with the name Étoile.



- dance & performance projects in Schools

- dance & performance projects for people with a mental or physical disability